Karen M. Henson D.V.M. – Veterinarian

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Graduated from The Ohio State University, in 1983 with a B. S. in Animal Science, and then attended The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, completing her D.V.M. in 1991. Dr. Henson and her husband, 6 dogs, 2 cats and a very large fish tank, moved to Oregon City in 1992. She was in small animal practice in the Portland area for 8 years prior to opening Trail’s End Veterinary Clinic, a mobile veterinary clinic in which she performed house calls serving the Milwaukie, Gladstone, West Linn, Oregon City, and surrounding areas. During several of those years Dr. Henson served as an adjunct faculty and taught in the Portland Community College Veterinary Technology program. After closing the mobile practice in 2011, she opened The Cat’s Meow Cat Clinic where she focuses on providing medical care for the cat specifically. At this time she shares with her husband of 32 years a home outside Oregon City, with 1 dog “Rose”, 2 cats- “Dori” who was the model for the clinic logo, and Weeble a special needs kitty, and still the very large fish tank.

Education: The Ohio State University B.S. Animal Science, The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Rachel Bratiloveanu – Receptionist

Elle Pulliam – Veterinary Assistant

Megan Aker – Veterinary Assistant

Perri Hargis CVT – Certified Veterinary Technician


Bella came to us as a rescue from a family that was very concerned for her welfare. Bella would use the rug instead of her litterbox, therefore was confined within a laundry room for over a year. Her owner released Bella to us hoping to improve Bella’s health and lifestyle. Over the first several months, Bella became the queen of the clinic, never missed her litterbox and is a model of the proper weight of a kitty.

Bella has her own fan club and will greet you at the door, and more than likely land in your lap.

Education: Feline 101, Lap warming and being just too darn cute


Kizmitten came to us as a 5 week old feral kitten with an Upper Respiratory illness and other accoutrements of living on the “wild side”. Once she adapted to a dependable meal schedule, she grew and adopted Bella and Dr. Henson’s dog Rose as playmates. You may or may not see her when you visit, because she will hide in the back when it gets busy.

If you are lucky, and you visit near the “meal times” you may see Kizmitten come out and remind Dr. Henson that it is food time, or play her various games during the quieter times of the day.

Education: Feline 101, Eating

Interests: Time keeper- ie. Breakfast time, Lunch time…etc., Pushing items (pens, keys) off of counters


Stanley came to us after eating a couple of nerf darts and a lego piece… again. Yes, he is a second offender of eating undigestable materials. Unfortunately his orignal owners just couldn’t afford his sense of taste, and therefore was bequeathed to us. After 2 hours of surgery, and 8 inches of intestinal tract removed, the foresaid items were removed. He now lives in the clinic, and despite all of the precautions he still tries to eat anything smaller than his head. It’s a good thing that we love him. You will see him running around, playing, chasing and falling off of things. We think he has trans-species issues and he is a labrador trapped in a cat’s body, which would explain alot of Stanley’s habits. Please forgive him if he attempts to taste you while you are visiting, remember he is part Lab. Best quality is that he melts into a purr bucket when picked up.

Hobbies: Shredding cat beds or dragging them off elsewhere in clinic, breaking into lunchboxes to steal food, chewing up various items available in clinic.